What can I say… food is just incredible! So what better way to celebrate that than sharing delicious recipes.

About Alex’s approach to food:

Raised in a very “natural” lifestyle, by two somewhat hippie parents, nothing was really restricted and creativity was encouraged. When I was little, I quickly learned what plants were edible, and even just a simple jaunt down the street became a foraging frenzy… from sour grass to honey suckle, manzanita berries to miners lettuce. I loved foraging.  I believe it was partially this love of foraging that stuck with me and now inspires me to create naturally healthy, simple and nutritious recipes. I have been a vegetarian since I was 6 (on my own accord), mostly because I never cared for the taste of meat.  I also LOVE nutrition… I think it’s so interesting, the way food affects our bodies.  Like many people, I try to avoid highly processed foods, or anything that has too many ingredients.  I am a fan of simple, and a fan of using natural ingredients. I believe butter has it’s place, but I also believe there are plenty of things that can be made just as tasty without the use of butter.  There are a lot of ways to make things vegan, for example… but so many recipes these days just use “vegan substitutes”….like earth balance for butter, vegan cheese for dairy cheese, and my least favorite – soy based fake meat products.  Gross.  Most “substitutes” often have twice as many ingredients as the original!  There are healthier and more natural substitutes for almost everything, and I always strive to make things not only healthy, but nutritionally beneficial and equally delicious. :)

ChowVida started out as a way for three friends (well, two cousins and a best friend) to share recipes with each other.  It is still such, but it has evolved to be more… shall we say, public…  appealing to other food crazy mongrels out there. Also, I admit, the posting dwindled after the first year of blog excitement… but I’m taking a vow to bring it back into action! So enjoy the recipes, the words, the pictures, and then the tantalizing smells that come from your kitchen…


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